Saturday, November 29, 2014

Its getting cold here!

All our snow is melted. It seems like we always get a little warm repreive after the first snow, like dipping our toes into the cold water and then retreating to the warm sand. I love this week. I love how people come back out of hibernation to soak up just a few more rays of sun. And I love that we have a chance to prepare for winter, for real. I have been crazy busy making wonderful warm yarn creations. I make them mostly for my kids, but I love being able to make things that are floating around in my brain.

Tomorrow my 7 year old would love a big infinity scarf.... I'll post what I come up with. Though this is the child that has a... well a sense of humor. Last year he wanted me to make a combover hat for his teacher for Christmas. "But with a red bow mom, cuz shes a girl". Oh my that got some great laughs from his amazing teacher!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Another Photoshoot with the Talented Anna Christina

I am excited to expand my shop. As I have started selling and getting wonderful feedback I feel more confidant and have started expanding what I feel conformable showing. Here are a few pictures from a photo shoot with the Amazing Anna and a sweet friend and neighbor.
I enjoyed making these beautiful girly things so much that I am already ready to add new things.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Braided Weave

Im loving the large braids or weaves that Ive been seeing around lately. Heres my latest. I love how the 4 strand weave makes a fun strip. I wonder if I could make it a chevron? Hmm, something to work on in the wee hours as insomnia keeps me up.

Heres a very short, like single picture tutorial. Starting with colors alternating weave from the right.

What do you think? Love it, or did I miss the mark?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The weather outside is frightful

But this lovely plumb scarf is so delightful. I love the fall 2014 colors. They are so rich and luxurious, just the perfect thing to add a little romance (and I dont mean the Kiss begins with K kind. I love the old romance... when romance use to mean that whimsical feeling, that anything-can-be sensation.)

I wanted to play with a braid, but something with a bit more fantasy. Heres the finished infinity scarf. Loving it!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Shhh.. sneak peaks!

I always hesitate to show pictures before my professional, amazing Annas picture come in.... but Im so excited I can't wait! Here are the items coming soon to my pattern store. 

My sons speech therapist loves doiley. Shes this really cute stylish girl with long black hair. She inspired me to try a doiley made into a slouchy hat, then she can wear a doily in a fashionable way. 

Have a mentioned I have a tiny daughter? Shes my youngest and came after 3 rough and loud, and dirty boys. Im in love with bows and girly. So I of course had to make a headband all girly with a sweet bow.