Saturday, November 29, 2014

Its getting cold here!

All our snow is melted. It seems like we always get a little warm repreive after the first snow, like dipping our toes into the cold water and then retreating to the warm sand. I love this week. I love how people come back out of hibernation to soak up just a few more rays of sun. And I love that we have a chance to prepare for winter, for real. I have been crazy busy making wonderful warm yarn creations. I make them mostly for my kids, but I love being able to make things that are floating around in my brain.

Tomorrow my 7 year old would love a big infinity scarf.... I'll post what I come up with. Though this is the child that has a... well a sense of humor. Last year he wanted me to make a combover hat for his teacher for Christmas. "But with a red bow mom, cuz shes a girl". Oh my that got some great laughs from his amazing teacher!

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