Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Designing a blanket, or trying to.

I love how creative God has made me. My mom helped too. My mother always let me make a mess, Every.Where. She let me cut things up, glue things. As I got older she let me cut up scraps or fabric, I remember cutting up socks that had holes in them and I made bears and rabbits from them. She let me create without putting guidelines or rules in the way. I was free to explore without limits. I thank her for becoming the woman I am today.

When I see something I think of the possibilities, I wonder if I just do this or that what will happen? That is the freedom my mother gave me and I thank her in my heart everyday. I blame her for my love to create.

Here is the blanket I am trying to figure out. I recently fell in love with the Corner to Corner crochet. So here I am trying to take that love for the corner to corner and make it into an intriquet exciting pattern. So here is the beginning, It will take many evolutions I am sure. What do you think? Are you create because of freedom, or do you prefer structure to create in?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

So, those who come to my little blog. What do you come for? Do you just want to see my crochet goodness? Do you want to know about my real life? Do you want the answers to life, the universe and everything?

I read articles about blogging, and how to be a success and not an annoyance and they all conterdict! Some say stick to the topic.... if your a cooking blog talk about only cooking.... a crochet blog about only crochet. Others suggest to create a community and friendship with the readers you need to share about your life, talk about cooking, but also about family and love and raising chickens. Crochet and yarn and animals and family. I dont know.

 I wish I had the right answer....

So I guess let me tell you about all the answers I don't have.  I don't know what time my baby will get up from her nap. Shes been down for just over 3 hours and I love it. Its a tender mercy. You see today I started homeschooling my kindergartener, and since his older brothers were sick I had them in on the adventure too.

I don't know what all this testing will lead to. Remember that kindergartener I mentioned, hes struggling. Has been for awhile. We have done everything I can think of. Hes been in speech for 3 years. I thought things would be improving. But now I think things might be more complex then we had originaly thought. So I took him to a psychologist. It has been 6 months, 6 long months of testing. Endless days of just trying to stay afloat while we wait for answers. I feel helpless as a mom. But Wednesday we get answers, Finally! It would have been impossible to get this far without amazing friends.

I do know that I have a divine father who loves me. a divine father who looks out for me. I do know that all will be well even if the steps to the top are steep I know I have someone by my side climbing and helping me as I struggle.

I do know that crocheting gives me comfort and purpose when so much of my life is in a jumble. I love learning new techniques in crochet. I love just sitting and watching a silly show and crocheting something. Here are my latest additions to my repertoire.

So in short, the answer is 42. (If you get that reference I will give you a free pattern of your choice!)