Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Designing a blanket, or trying to.

I love how creative God has made me. My mom helped too. My mother always let me make a mess, Every.Where. She let me cut things up, glue things. As I got older she let me cut up scraps or fabric, I remember cutting up socks that had holes in them and I made bears and rabbits from them. She let me create without putting guidelines or rules in the way. I was free to explore without limits. I thank her for becoming the woman I am today.

When I see something I think of the possibilities, I wonder if I just do this or that what will happen? That is the freedom my mother gave me and I thank her in my heart everyday. I blame her for my love to create.

Here is the blanket I am trying to figure out. I recently fell in love with the Corner to Corner crochet. So here I am trying to take that love for the corner to corner and make it into an intriquet exciting pattern. So here is the beginning, It will take many evolutions I am sure. What do you think? Are you create because of freedom, or do you prefer structure to create in?

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