Friday, December 26, 2014

Dilemmas of a pattern maker.

I love these cute little dresses I make for my tiny daughter. They are so sweet and always get a ton of compliments. Now the delimma comes when I start writting the pattern.

I started out making the dresses with yarn, but I dont like how it looks fuzzy after a few washes. I like things that are crisp and clean and classy looking. So I switched to making them with a great mercanised cotton thread. Its perfect. Works up crispy, but is still soft against her skin and gives a great lacey look. My hold up with writting the pattern using the crochet thread is the color options, and I worry that thread is intimidating for some crocheters.

My other option is to write the pattern using a fine or sports weight yarn and a slightly bigger hook. I think this is the option Im going to go with. I feel like a lace or fine yarn is more readily available and so will be a better option for my customers.

Whew... did that sound as crazy as I feel? Maybe Im over thinking things?! But when creating a product I want it to be true vision, and accessible to my customers.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Perfect moment dress

Is it weird if I admit that I have had this idea for a baby dress for years? I love to repurpose clothes from the local thrift store. Theres something about taking an unwanted item and making it beautiful. And, frankly, I feel like repurposing takes the tediouse work out. All the hemming and seaming is done. I do a few quick snips, maybe a patch, add a little crochet,  and walla!!

I found the perfect very matronly pleated chiffon blouse. It was horrible! Pleated chiffon is beautiful but for some reason its often put together so wrong, odd shapes, baggy, weird added details. It was my mission to take this aweful blouse with wing sleaves and make it beautiful again. Hopefully the wonderful neighbor Im giving this too loves it as much as I do.