Friday, December 26, 2014

Dilemmas of a pattern maker.

I love these cute little dresses I make for my tiny daughter. They are so sweet and always get a ton of compliments. Now the delimma comes when I start writting the pattern.

I started out making the dresses with yarn, but I dont like how it looks fuzzy after a few washes. I like things that are crisp and clean and classy looking. So I switched to making them with a great mercanised cotton thread. Its perfect. Works up crispy, but is still soft against her skin and gives a great lacey look. My hold up with writting the pattern using the crochet thread is the color options, and I worry that thread is intimidating for some crocheters.

My other option is to write the pattern using a fine or sports weight yarn and a slightly bigger hook. I think this is the option Im going to go with. I feel like a lace or fine yarn is more readily available and so will be a better option for my customers.

Whew... did that sound as crazy as I feel? Maybe Im over thinking things?! But when creating a product I want it to be true vision, and accessible to my customers.

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