Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Who I am....

I am a lot of things, 
     a wife
                 a mother 
                      a business owner
                   a hobby farmer
                                                     a crafter.... And the list continues.

                    and sometimes I am also a failure.

But my mother taught me how to bounce back. She taught me that failure happens. Sometimes even after working your hardest, trying your best, and doing everything you can.... you fail. But failure is just failure, it is neither a definition nor an ending. it is simply a part of life. One of course I don't enjoy as much as success. 

I am a wife, ass cheesy as it sounds I meet my husband when I was in high school and we had an on again, off again relationship. We married 6 years after we met and I started writing horribly cheesy and sappy poetry about his "Mahogany eyes". 

I am also a mother, a role I love most days. My kids are these loud amazing people! When I became a mother I thought these little people were shapeless blobs of clay that it was my job to mold. Instead I have learned that my children are amazing people who came complete with unique personalities and quirks. I get to be along for the ride as they (and I) discover who they are and help them soften any rough edges. . . . . and then there are weeks like this one when the baby has an ear infection, my toddler is extra cranky, and my big kids are running crazy. On weeks like this I am so excited to tuck everyone in bed and wrap my fingers around some beautiful yarn.

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