Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Finding time to create.

How do you find time to create? I am a mom of young kiddos, Four beautiful, messy, adventurous, messy, chaotic kids. I love them more than I ever though a person could love another person. That being said, finding time to create; come up with an idea, design, and write a pattern can be very difficult. Compromising the need to wash peanut butter off chubby little hands for the 13th time, and negotiating to retrieve my hook from the tiniest one. I struggle. I struggle and strive and sneak away every moment I need to create something fun and entertaining.

I do it because creating feeds my soul. I love watching as something amazing comes to life through my hook. I also create complete disasters, but I sound so much cooler if I accentuate the positive :). I create because my children, walking noisey messy chaos that they are, inspire me to something fun. They sit as the table and make volcano potatoes and suddenly want a volcano hat. I laugh, and then get to work.

Here are my children's volcano hat, and accompanying mountain hat. I love the lava ball off one, and the snowball of the other. They have a rattle in that ball so as my boys whip them around and shake them that make some crazy fun noises. Did I mention my kids are noisy mess making sweethearts that inspire me daily? They are. I love being their mom, and hope they one day say they love being my kids!

Better pictures, as well as an awesome pattern coming soon. 

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