Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Lifesyarn is dedicated to the wonder and imagination of childhood. I specialize in crocheted hats and toys that bring back those feeling and memories traveling in space, and watching as the clouds morph.
If you want to learn why I create like I do- read on. It’s a little nostalgic, and lets admit it very rough, but it’s the beginning of a story that ends with an obsession for yarn.
 My mom would call me "too independent", I would say that I just like things the way I like them. My angelic mother decided to teach me to crochet when I was small. She hoped it would keep my out of trees, and a little less muddy. What can I say, I was a little rough (and dirty) around the edges. My sweet mother would sit in the evenings and crochet delicate doily’s with a tiny hook. She would hum a gentle tune as she counted stitches, her fingers silently manipulating the tiniest thread into beautiful shapes. One day when I was about 8 I came home a little more damaged than when I had happily waved goodbye that morning. I had a small accident, really it was just a tiny one, I kinda, just accidentally slid down a hill... on my face. My sweet mothers face fell as she watched me try and sneak in the house with road rash completely covering one side of my face, arm and leg. Words like concussion, permanent scars, wild child tumbled from my mothers lips as she patiently extracted dirt and small pebbles from around my only slightly swollen eye.
                I think this incident may have inspired that angelic woman to try and reign in my wild ways. As soon as I could see out of both eyes again that angelic woman produced a G hook and a skein of scratching bright variegated yarn. She calmly walked me through each stitch, a chain, single crochet, and double. And then she showed me again because I may have gotten distracted using the crochet hook to poke at my scabs. That’s all I had the patient to learn. From there I created great strips of undefined objects. Slowly I began to find the joy of creating and of having that creation appreciated. I remember coming up with a shawl, and its no exaggeration to say it probably looked unrecognizable as a shawl. I stayed up very late working on my masterpiece and wore to to church the next day. The kind lady greeting members complimented my shiny white shawl-ish as I walked in the door. After such a simple compliment I began to believe in my ability to create beauty. That tiny comment has shaped me as a designer.
                For years I have enjoyed designing and crocheting for my family and neighbors. A few years back I decided it was time to put myself out there and sell my goods online. It’s a bit like internet dating. I was scared, worried that my pictures weren’t  good enough, and I obsessively checked to see how many people had viewed my items. I put myself out there, I mentioned it on facebook, I told random people at the grocery store. I died everyday when there were no orders. Second guessing every tag I added, every picture I took. I agonized over how to post and how much to charge. I thought, and over thought, and had conversation that all ended with me talking about my shop and the things I was crocheting.
                The sells were in.cr.ed.ib.ly. slow. I sold an order and than fretted over if it was good enough. I packaged and repacked my first item trying to get it to look magazine perfect. I sold another, and another. I decided with just a few sells under my shop that I would take a year off. A year to think and consider, and have the sweetest tiny baby. Was I still having fun? I love to crochet and design, but trying to conform my creativity to something that others would want to buy was taxing on my brain.
                I would love for you to join me on my journey. Join as I learn how to get just the right picture, as I learn to market, and so many other things I haven’t thought of yet. I promise to be honest, to show my mistakes as well as (hopefully) my triumphs. Feel free to watch and learn with me.
                Yeah to the journey!

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