Thursday, March 17, 2016

Felting, well really it’s fulling but felting just sounds better:

With all my many years of crocheting I have recently fell in love with the idea of felting. It all started with my hard working husband wanting a hat without holes he can wear while spending hours shoveling snow. Above that he also wanted it to be a donkey hat, like one I had made him with acrylic yarn. I have been working on it for *cough* months *cough*. That is so sad, it should only take a few days to make my wonderful amish bearded husband a hat, but I keep messing it up!

I don’t understand felting! Or rather fulling. I know how to crochet and I have read everything I could find online about it but I still have questions.

1)   1)    I read that felting makes a piece shrinks. But how much? Do different stitches shrink differently? What about the yarn, do different brands shrink different? Roving vs regular yarn? 

2)    2)   What is all this wonderfulness I read about dyeing with Kool Aid? Can it really work that amazing? And is it better to felt first or dye first?       

3)   3)   What happens if I crochet with two different colored wool yarns? 

4)   4)    How about if I crochet with 1 wool yarn and 1 acrylic yarn? Will the wool still felt around the acrylic, or will it become a hot mess?

5)  5)     Does the top loader work better or a front loader. I’ve read a lot about how to felt in the two different machines, but does one do a superior felt then the other? 

     Ok so want to see some of my mistakes? 
   They are really tiny.. er I mean cute! My hubby has a big head, in the 90th percentile for a male adult! hehe. We get a good chuckle because one of our boys follow in his footsteps in head size. As a baby we called my son pumpkinhead because he had an adult size head by 1 year old! So keep in mind that I crocheted this so big it was floppy on my sweet humble husband... and here it is on my 2 year old:  
   That silly face! She loves taking pictures and I had to really stretch to get that hat on her head :). See that laundry in the background... Yah I'm choosing not to don't as well.


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